Friday, February 19, 2010

Lazy Cat - 32 & 33/365

I built a light box today to help with obtaining better closeup pictures. Helps with items I want to photograph for sale or detail.

The cat decided all the lights would make for a great sleeping place. Nice and warm. Now I have to clean fur out. Can you put a lock on a light box somehow? lol

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reflections - 30 & 31/365


Day 3 Beauty Challenge - Reflections

In taking more pictures with the new camera than I have taken with other cameras in years past, I'm finding what interests me. I love details. Little bits of things to look at; doorknobs, fenceposts, the way the fingers wrap around another hand when you're hold it. I love color. I ran around my art studio last night taking pictures of anything pretty and colorful that caught my eye. I also love repetition (as evidenced in this post.) Today, I realized I like reflections. It's good to know what you like, don't you think? I can never decide what to eat or wear, let alone what to do most of the time so it was nice to know, I have preferences in photography. 

What do you most like to take pics of?


Sunday, February 7, 2010

3D Art - 28 &29/365

Day 2 Beauty Challenge - Beautiful Art

The teen and I went to the Nelson Atkins museum a couple weeks ago. One of my favorite paintings was this. It's made on a wood shell frame, in the shape of a baseball diamond. It's been graffiti'd, 3D items attached, painted, overpainted, sprayed, papers added, etc...

One of the reasons I probably love it so much is because I have a 'thing' for numbers. Love seeing them in art. Plus, my lucky number is on this piece, '32'. (Can you find it?) I love the mix and mess of the whole thing. Just makes you want to grab some spray paint and go to town. Too bad I didn't take a pic of who the artist was. That would have been helpful. *sigh*

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beauty Challenge - 27/365

I stopped by Bluebirdbaby's blog today and saw that she is initiating a 30 days of beauty photography challenge (blinkie thingie over in the right column.) I figured I could do that! Who knows, there's got to be beauty around me somewhere! lol  I'll be doing the same over on my art blog as well, but with different pics.


Day 1 - I saw this yesterday while out in the beautiful snow. Looks like 'someone' left 'something' out (aka: DH.) Can you guess what? It's funny how something can sit somewhere and be sitting there so long that it becomes a fixture and you don't notice it anymore. But the moment you change its appearance, you realize once again that it's there!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowfall - 26/365

Seem to be falling behind a bit on my photo posting project. Ahhh, life. How busy are you.

We had the most beautiful snowfall today. You know that kind that flutters down in big clumps, clinging to the branches 2 inches thick? The kind of snowfall that casts a quieting blanket over the whole world, you just want to stand and embrace the silence? That is what we had at our house. The girls threw their homeschooling aside and ran out to build a fort. DH came home early and helped them complete an igloo. Our predicted 1-2 inches turned into a whopping 7-8 inches of gorgeous white packing snow. Beautiful!